Services & Funding

Whether your child needs a full or half day place, we offer a range of services with a clear and decisive pricing structure.

The staff have embraced her, all her weird ways, the copious amounts of love she has for them and have bonded with her beyond comprehension. I never imagined a place could be so important for our family and I’m glad we are all now part of the Lowen Harts Family too!

– Kyrie


Lowen Harts participates in various private childcare voucher schemes and we are also registered and provide 2, 3 and 4 year old funding from Cornwall Council.

For more information about eligibility and how to apply, please see below:

2 Year Old Funding

Some two year old children are entitled to fifteen hours free education too. There are certain criteria which have to be met to qualify for funding. If you wish to check whether your child is eligible for funding you can view the Family Information Service website.

3 & 4 Year Old Funding

All children aged three and four years are eligible for fifteen hours free education per week.  This funding is for term time only.  If you wish to spread this free education throughout the year it entitles your child to eleven hours per week for 51 weeks per year.  Funding can be used in a variety of weekly patterns, e.g. every morning, every afternoon, two and a half days a week, and so on.  Eligibility for funding commences the term after your child’s third birthday.

Early Years Pupil Premium

From April 2015 the government have introduced an Early Years Pupil Premium for those children aged 3-4 years old, who are less privileged. The aim of the Early Years Pupil Premium is to close the gap between children from disadvantaged backgrounds and other children, by giving additional funding to settings such as ours, therefore providing the opportunity to raise the quality of provision we offer.

All children aged three and four (not two year olds), who meet the eligibility criteria will benefit from the funding. This funding is paid directly to us in proportion to claimed hours for entitled children. The annual amount for a 15 hour place over a full year is just over £300 and since we are registered to offer early years places we can receive the EYPP. In order to be able to claim this funding we require parents to sign the funding agreement which asks for details of parent’s date of birth and National Insurance number.

A child will be eligible for the EYPP if they:

  • Are in a low-income family and their parents are in receipt of benefits (one or more), for example, Child Tax Credit and Income Support;
  • Have been adopted from care;
  • Have left care through special guardianship;
  • Have been looked after by the local authority for at least the span of one day;
  • Are subject to a child arrangement order.

If your child qualifies for EYPP we will contact you. As an Early Years setting we have the freedom to choose how we spend the money, in order to best support the children receiving EYPP funding in our care. If your child is eligible, please ask us how we spend the pupil premium to support your child.

Early Years Inclusion Grant

 We are able to apply for grant funding from the Local Authority which can be used to support a child or children with significant additional needs to ensure that such a child has an equal access to early education.  If your child has significant additional needs, please do discuss this with us further.

Nursery Prospectus

Our prospectus contains everything you need to know about Lowen Harts Day Nursery. If there's anything you'd like to talk to us about or to book a tour, we welcome you to get in touch.